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Fearing getting slapped, Ricky Ponting taking Marathi lessons

10, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Australian cricket team has hastily appointed a Marathi tutor after Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi was pushed and slapped by MNS MLAs in the Maharashtra assembly on Monday. The Australian team members have been strictly advised not to speak to media at all and only captain Ricky Ponting has been allowed to do the talking, which incidentally has been his forte. Ponting is expected to say a sentence of Marathi while accepting the Hero Honda Cup, which the visitors have already won.

Malla Khup Barra Vat ta kii aamhi hee shrunkala Jinkli” was repeated again and again by the Marathi tutor to Ponting as the Australian captain tried to remember the words. Australia will be playing India in the seventh and final ODI at Mumbai on Wednesday and experts have warned that MNS workers can attack the Australian cricketers after having successfully slapped Abu Azmi.

“Shishir Shinde, the MNS guy who was among the four MLAs to get suspended, had earlier warned that he would attack Australian cricketers with shoes to avenge attack on Indian students down under. Although he got suspended, the limelight was hogged by the slapper Ram Kadam. This might drive Shinde to slap Ponting to hog international limelight. Security agencies must be careful.” Amar Wagle, an expert on MNS said.

Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil has dispelled such fears arguing that MNS had traditionally cared only for Marathi pride and not for Indian pride. He pointed out that there was no conclusive data to show that considerable proportion of Indian students, who were attacked in Australia, belonged to Maharashtra, and hence it was a non-issue for MNS. But experts have cautioned Mr. Patil against such assumptions.

Australian cricket team had insulted a well known Marathi Manoos around three years back
Australian cricket team had insulted a well known Marathi Manoos around three years back

“MNS can see a case for Marathi pride where none may exist, and there is definitely a case here. If you recall, exactly three years back Ponting’s men had pushed NCP leader Sharad Pawar off stage and had showed no respect to him. Pawar is a Marathi Manoos and MNS would claim that they had avenged the insult to a Marathi Manoos by slapping Ponting. I guess neither the government not the Australian team should take any chances.” Amar Wagle reiterated.

Not sure about the government, but Faking News has confirmed report that Australian cricket team is taking the issue very seriously and Ponting is practicing his Marathi lessons quite sincerely.

(based on crucial inputs by Gauz. & RBK)