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FIFA World Cup teams send SOS to Dhoni to score last minute goals

19, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Sao Paulo. After watching Australia struggle last night against Netherlands, scoring a goal and equalizing the score line, in last few minutes of the match, many teams seemed to have learnt a lesson from it.

To make sure they are in a much better position to score goals in last few second of the game, these teams have sent SOS to Indian captain MS Dhoni known for his last over exploits in cricket.

They are hoping to bank on his Football skills that he acquired in his early days when he used to play the game. They are even ready to overlook the fact than he was just a goalkeeper and hence may not have skills of a striker.

“As if in cricket he is a very skillful and technically correct batsman,” Portugal’s coach argued.

Dhoni at 89.59 minute of the game.
Dhoni at 89.59 minutes of the game.

“Dhoni has told us that he has a shot called ‘Helicopter Kick’ with which he can score a goal even from outside the stadium leave alone opposite goal post,” he further revealed how even as a goal keeper Dhoni would be an asset.

Football experts have hailed this move and called it a masterstroke. They feel Dhoni can succeed where other star players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo can’t.

“It will even help in attracting interest of hardcore cricket lovers in India who so far were abusing football fans in their own country, accusing them of being fake,” an expert explained.

Since Dhoni usually needs some time to waste initially, teams that have hired his services will induct him into the playing 11 twenty minutes prior to the finish.

“For first 18 minutes, he has asked us not to disturb and let him wander on the field aimlessly, pointlessly dab at the ball, unnecessarily increase heartbeats of the viewers, sometimes even do self goal,” a senior member of  Brazil support staff confirmed.

“But he further assured he would make up for all those self goals in last 2 minutes,” he added.

Teams also fear that in his bid to take game even further, Dhoni may deliberately tie the scoreline and take the game to penalty shoot outs. Talks are on to make him refrain from doing that.

Meanwhile some teams are reconsidering their offer to Dhoni after he demanded inclusion of Raina, Ashwin and Jadeja also in the playing 11, while others are even ready to have them and accept Dhoni’s demand.

“They surely can’t perform worse than Casillas, Marcelo or Rooney,” one such team manager argued on conditions of anonymity.

In a related news N Srinivasan is now eyeing FIFA chairmanship also along with ICC.