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As a first step, Ram Guha orders Ashish Nehra to change his name to Ashish Nehru

04, Feb 2017 By manithan

New Delhi: Supreme Court has appointed noted Nehruvian and historian Ramchandra Guha to a panel for administering BCCI.

Ashish Nehra's reaction when Guha told him to change his last name to Nehru
Ashish Nehra’s reaction when Guha told him to change his last name to Nehru

While this news has brought cheer to the Nehru club, Internet Hindus were frothing with anger directed as trolling towards Guha.

“Even with so many criticisms fired at Ram Guha, he took them all in humorous manner and proved that he is as cool as Dhoni. Is this not sufficient trait for someone who can lead BCCI?” claimed an online intellectual and a longtime fan of the Nehruvian historian.

Before the shock of appointing Guha could settle down among his detractors, he has come up with a drastic announcement regarding Indian cricket. Speaking outside BCCI headquarters, Guha said, “I thank SC for providing me with this opportunity. I hope I can justice to BCCI like how my God Nehru did to the Idea of India.”

Letting a huge grin, he continued, “As my first step, I order our famous bowler Ashish Nehra to change his name as Ashish Nehru. This is to increase the overall intellectualism of the team, as the term Nehru is enough to make a person and his surrounding to glow with knowledge.”

“Also, I command Ravindra Jadeja to change his last name to Jawahar. And I have decided to rope in FC player Kunal Lal. And, these three, Ravindra, Kunal and Ashish, will bat in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd order, so the scoreboard will read Jawahar Lal Nehru”, said Guha with ecstasy clearly visible beyond the spectacles over his eyes.

Ravindra Jadeja was seen in talks with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali over whether Jawahar sounds like Jauhar and whether the name is romantic or not. And, orders were already sent to all cricket coaching centers across India to bar any kid with surname Modi from practice.