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Five ways in which Srinivasan can still save CSK from getting destroyed

27, Nov 2014 By idiot420

As Supreme Court has asked BCCI to disqualify the IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings, there are still some ways in which Srini can save his team. Faking News bring to you five of them:

N Srinivasan
“Yes, I can”

1. Change the format of IPL. Now CSK will be a team of cricket enthusiasts, which will play cricket only for the love of the game. They will play against all teams, but results of matches will not have any impact on the point table. Finally, there will be a superfinal between CSK and the winning team, again just for the love of the game. These pointless-matches will teach people how to watch a match without caring for points.

2. Create a new IPL franchise – Coimbatore Super Kings. It will remain CSK, and even the fan base will remain intact, as Coimbatore is in Tamil Nadu. It seems, who ever named Coimbatore was a very visionary person. It’s like God’s gift to Srinivasan.

3. Srinivasan should learn something from Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. If it is all about conflict of interest, as besides being ex-BCCI Chief and current ICC Chairman, Srinivasan lead India cements owns CSK, he can simply place one of his confidant on the top post of India cements. But for that, he need to have a big heart, just like Sonia Gandhi. And the most important thing about success of this trick is, the confidant should be as good as Manmohan Singh.

4. Rename Chennai Super Kings to Aurangzeb Super Kings. Now considering the level of secular-activism in our country, it will be next to impossible to scrap the only IPL team with Mughal ruler name in it.

5. Shift whole BCCI and IPL set up to somewhere else, where Indian laws don’t apply, maybe in Dubai. Anyway, these are private organizations and Srinivasan commands power to achieve this, if he really wants to do so.