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Forget Nirav Modi, at least stop Indian Cricket team from leaving for Sri Lanka: Indians request Government

01, Mar 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Government of India has been facing a lot of heat over the past few days due to PNB fraud. Main accused Nirav Modi managed to leave the country just days before CBI net was about to close in around him and questions have been asked over his exit from the country. However, people of the country are willing to forget about his exit as long as Indian Government stops Indian Cricket team from leaving for Sri Lanka and playing more matches with them.

India- Sri Lanka
Yayy, More of it ahead!

T-20 tri-series involving hosts Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India is set to begin on the 6th of March. However, the cricket mad public of India has had enough of India- Sri Lanka contests over the past decade and have urged the government to step in and put a stop to it. A crowd of angry cricket fans gathered outside PM residence earlier today and requested PM Narendra Modi to stop the Indian team from leaving India with some even threatening to commit suicide if India plays Sri Lanka again during the next 12 months.

One of the protesters speaking to Faking News said ,”No more, please no more. We can’t watch another India- Sri Lanka match and being Indians, we can’t resist watching a match if it is on TV either. BCCI is in no mood to stop this torture so we appeal to PM Modi to step in and stop the team from leaving India. It is ok if a 1000 Nirav Modis or Mallyas escape but these players shouldn’t escape to Colombo.”

Another protester present there said ,”The only point of the 1 Billion matches we played against Sri Lanka last year was Virat Kohli’s hundreds. Now when even Virat is not going then what is the point of the whole thing? Stop these people before they escape India.”

Meanwhile, BCCI has said that if government stops Indian Cricket team from leaving, they will invite Sri Lanka over for a tour of 10 Test Matches, 20 ODIs, and 37 T-20s.