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Fraud website found selling IPL tickets for watching the game from buildings close to stadium

10, Apr 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: Police today busted a gang of youngsters who were fooling people by selling them tickets to terraces on buildings close to Wankhede stadium to watch the IPL matches there. The group had built a website that was reportedly selling IPL tickets in one of the most controversial yet innovative way.

“The fraudsters promised a view like this in their website.”
“The fraudsters promised a view like this on their website.”

Karan, Arjun and Rahul are all 23 year old drop-outs from fairly good IT companies, who were caught by Mumbai’s Cyber Police for creating a fake website and most importantly, setting expectations that cannot be fulfilled in reality.

“Actually, we got a lot of start up ideas that were bizarrely innovative but we couldn’t attract any angel investor to fund them. Therefore, we decided that we will fund our ventures ourselves through the money we will make by selling tickets to people’s terraces. We saw that people were complaining about expensive IPL tickets and the lack of availability so we offered them a cheaper alternative and people jumped on this opportunity to watch a live game”, said the handcuffed trio that showed no signs of guilt.

Customers who purchased tickets on terracemaniacs.in (now closed by Cyber Police) were shocked to find that they were not proud customers as shown on the website’s confirmation page, but in fact unlucky patrons to a swindle. Some of them expressed their anger speaking to our reporters.

“I realize now that it is better to buy a penthouse of a building close to cricket ground than working out cheaper ways of watching IPL”, said Mr. Jugadoo Lal as he started abusing the three guys involved in the scam. “Abe, mere paise kahan hai saa***!”, shouted Mr. Lal.

As per our sources, the three engineers were later released  by the police after they promised to add illegal live-streaming to the website instead of selling tickets on it.