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Gambhir: We deserve the Fairplay award for giving a fair chance to all teams to win against us

17, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Delhi lost its 3rd match in one week to sit at no 7 in the points table. Only Mumbai are behind them but Mumbai has played one game less. The fight at the top of the table has already heated up. But the fight at the bottom is also pretty tough. RCB, Delhi, and Mumbai all are gunning for the coveted Fairplay award. The Fairplay award recognizes the integrity with which a team plays the IPl and Delhi seems to be topping the charts.

Gambhir in a press conference

Gambhir spoke to faking News team and he had this to say,” Look we agree that we had a dismal season, but cricket is a gentleman’s game and fair play award symbolizes the spirit. We gave an equal chance to all teams in winning the IPL trophy, I mean who does that in this current competitive world. All I want is recognition of our efforts. My players played in the right spirit and I will fight for them.”

Rohit Sharma is not the one who is impressed by Kohli’s comments, as his own team has played in the right spirit. Rohit said,”Why is Gambhir bringing out the fair play issue after all matches are over. This means he wants to shift limelight from his team’s dismal performance. In fact, just for the fact that he is complaining about far play award, he shouldn’t be given the fair play award, because the award is for the team which takes all happenings in its strides and that team is Mumbai Indians.”

We have still not heard from Virat Kohli but seems that he will soon join this much-anticipated fight for the Fairplay trophy.