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Gambhir holds Dhoni responsible for missing World Cup century, says 'Dhoni distracted him by saying jalebis were being served in dressing room' 

18, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Gautam Gambhir missed his 2011 World Cup century by 3 runs and the ex-cricketer has now held MS Dhoni responsible for it. The BJP MP today revealed that while he was on 97 and looking forward to bat till the end, MS Dhoni said something that ultimately led to the fall of his wicket.

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“I was on 97 and totally focused on batting till the end. But then Dhoni walked up to me and said that jalebi’s were being served in the dressing room. That’s when I found it difficult to focus on the game as I kept thinking about the jabelis. What if they were over by the time I was done batting. With all these thoughts on my mind, it was difficult for me to concentrate and the very next ball the Lankans got my wicket. So you see it is obvious that Dhoni was the one responsible for me not getting a 100,” he said while speaking exclusively to Faking News.

Gambhir also revealed that this was not the first time Dhoni had resorted to such ‘distraction tactics’. “He knows my weakness for jalebis. In an earlier match too MSD, more eager to reach personal milestone, made sure that he had most of the strike by distracting me from the game,” he added.

Dhoni refuted statements coming from Gambhir and called them malicious and fabricated. “I am not sure what prompted Gauti to make such statements. Ask anyone in the team. Eatables were not allowed in the dressing room during the World Cup. Only Shastri in the commentary box was munching on chakhna at that time; jalebis are out of questions,” he former skipper remarked.