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Sourav Ganguly fans threaten to stall release of SRK’s Ra.One

09, Jan 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Kolkata. After Sourav Ganguly went unsold in the IPL auctions, virtually finishing his on-field cricketing career, supporters of the former Indian captain have decided to take up the issue with Shah Rukh Khan. SRK owns IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, which had decided not to retain Ganguly for the fourth season, thus offloading Ganguly onto the auction floor.

Ganguly fans have decided not to let SRK’s upcoming movie Ra.One get released in West Bengal unless the Bollywood actor issues a public apology to Dada and all the Bengalis everywhere in the world for pushing Dada into such “ignominious” position.

Poster of movie Ra.One
SRK plays a robot called G.One in his upcoming movie Ra.One

“It’s a well thought of conspiracy,” claimed an angry Jatin Ganguly while burning an effigy of SRK, “why has Shohrukh Boka called himself G.One in the movie? Souravda is the one and the only G.”

Jatin asserted “G.One” stood for “Ganguly Number One” and SRK had deliberately used that name for his character in the movie to prove his superiority over Dada.

Various supporters of Ganguly have already declared to boycott IPL and now some of them are actively making sure that everyone boycotts SRK’s movie. Many fans have written to state political parties to extend their support to the “movement”.

This is the third consecutive movie of Shah Rukh Khan that is now facing trouble ahead of its release. Earlier, Billu (Barber) had faced opposition from hair-dressers while the release of My Name Is Khan was violently opposed by Shiv Sena activists.

“This is actually good for the film business,” Karan Adarsh, a Bollywood trade-expert opined, “I think SRK should make sure that the controversy is alive till the movie is released.” Ra.One is expected to release only after June this year while IPL4 would be over by May end.

“If the controversy dies down, SRK should take off his shirt in one of the IPL matches and fling it in air like Sourav Ganguly had done in the Natwest Trophy,” Karan suggested, “It will definitely enrage Ganguly fans and rekindle the controversy.”