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Go and watch Football matches of Indian team, we will distribute 15 Lakhs there: Narendra Modi

04, Jun 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ever since Indian Football captain Sunil Chhetri made an appeal requesting fans to come out and support the Indian team in the stadiums, several people have come out in support of Sunil Chhetri’s plea. Now the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined this campaign as well and asked people to head to the stadiums every time the Indian team plays.

PM Modi has said that government will distribute 15 lakhs to every spectator in the stadium from the black money recovered till date during PM Modi’s tenure. This announcement is expected to boost the number of spectators during the games and is likely to give jam packed stadiums for every Indian match.

As per the statement issued by the Prime Minister, only ticket holders will be eligible for the money and not the people who jugaad a corporate pass through the sponsors.

When asked about it, a PMO official said, “Our government is committed to developing sports in the country and Football being world’s most popular sport is our top priority. We are giving incentive to the people to come out in support of the national team just like corporates give incentives to employees all the time.”

When asked if everyone will get cash or cheque, the official said,” We have announced that everyone will get 15 Lakhs in cash. That way, we won’t actually have to give the money as we can say that ATMs have run out of cash and everyone will believe that as well without any problem.”

Meanwhile, Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli has threatened to play Ishant Sharma and Vinay Kumar during 2019 World Cup if he doesn’t see full stands during the matches of Indian Football team.