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Goa MLAs selected to Indian football team to justify their Brazil trip

12, Jun 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. All India Football Federation (AIFF) has selected all the six MLAs from Goa, who are to visit Brazil and watch football World Cup as part of their study tour, as members of the national football team of India.

With this, the controversy over MLAs going to Brazil has ended, because now, six footballers are going to watch the FIFA World Cup and learn a few things about traffic management – something really wonderful and helpful to the society..

Fat footballer
Such pictures are being shown to the MLAs to convince them that they too can play football

“Why can’t politicians become footballers overnight?” AIFF President Praful Patel argued, “If footballers like Baichung Bhutia can become politicians overnight, the reverse can also happen. Please don’t discriminate against politicians.”

Sources tell Faking News that AIFF thought that this decision will attract lesser public outrage as nobody in India watched football anyway.

“Even if these six guys end up playing a few matches for India and the Indian team loses badly, nobody will notice or be bothered. Most of the Indians don’t care about football, and those who care don’t care about the domestic teams,” a football-cum-bureaucracy expert explained.

“Or maybe these six folks will be dropped from the team after some time,” the expert added, “Whatever, but on papers, right now they are footballers. And in India, it matters what’s on papers, not what’s in reality.”

The selection of the MLAs as national footballers was announced by GOA Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who subsequently hoped that Arnab Goswami would drop any plans to discuss the issues related to the trip as it was no more “controversial”.

The step is also being seen as a crucial political development, with Praful Patel, a leader from NCP, helping BJP MLAs get clean chit in the case. Sources say that this hints at new political equations in Maharashtra, a neighbor of Goa. This has alerted Congress.

“This is ridiculous,” a Congress leader protested, “Even Rahul Gandhi ji loves going abroad every now and then, but we never made him a footballer to justify his foreign trips. This is a scam!”