Got confused with the 80s uniform worn by Aussie team so played with strike rate of that era: Dhoni

13, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Sydney. Dhoni’s 68th half-century – his first in 13 months at this level – was not match-winning. May it have been if he wasn’t wrongly assessed as leg before wicket on 51? It doesn’t matter. The value here was the snapshot it gave of the player he is now, not a World Cup ago. Dhoni played 95 balls for his 51 which was a painstaking inning, though it was an important innings given the context of the game.


But the reason Dhoni gave in the press conference was a genuine one, or at least it looks like one. Dhoni said that the Aussie team’s decision to wear the outfit of the 80s era confused him as a batsman. For a moment he thought that the game is actually gone way back in time and that playing aggressively would kill the whole essence of the era.

Dhoni said that at least the batsmen at the non-striker end should have reminded him that we are in 2018 and not 1986. But nevermind, its good that MS realized his mistake and will surely try to get over it by the time of the 2nd ODI.

The calls for getting Pant in the team instead of Dhoni are getting louder and Dhoni should quickly come back to 2018 instead of staying in 1986 for a longer time. Meanwhile talking about consistency, Shikhar Dhawan played the least no of dot balls for India today and maybe he can give some tips to MS.