Government to ask BCCI to run Jallikattu for wider acceptance

08, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chennai. Although the central government gave a green signal to Jallikattu, a bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu, it is now considering a proposal to make BCCI the official governing body of the sport to make sure it is widely accepted.

The decision to lift the ban had sharply divided opinion with a number of vocal critics slamming the move. However, the government is hopeful that BCCI will make it acceptable to all who matter.

“The way BCCI has run IPL has been so commendable. Match fixing, betting, corruption all over the place, and yet it remains popular with no loud protests. If they can ensure that public ignores all these things then they can certainly help people ignore animal cruelty as well,” a Government spokesperson explained.

Very soon we can see this team in action

BCCI has been very enthusiastic about the project and already made plans to make Jallikattu as popular in India as Cricket.

When contacted for their plans, a BCCI executive told us, “Look, the entire focus earlier was wrong. Everyone was focusing on the bulls since they are the main players of this sport. Learn from IPL, who focuses on the players? You have your cheerleaders, film stars, movie promotions, advertisements, firecrackers, does anyone even care who plays whom by the time an IPL match ends? We want to bring same style of management to Jallikattu.”

The first major change that BCCI will bring is that the sport will not be limited only to Madurai. Different cities will be asked to have their own teams. Earlier only villages had teams.

“We will also rebrand the sport completely. This is the age of leagues. Not just Cricket, now we have leagues for Football, Tennis, Wrestling, Kabbadi, Badminton, Kho Kho, Langdi taand… everything. So we will call it Indian Bull Taming League, IBTL. We will promote it as aggressively as Kohli promotes Rohit Sharma and I am sure over time we can beat Spanish Bull Run as the most popular bull related sport,” the BCCI executive told us confidently.

As per sources, BCCI is planning an auction of all the bulls who will take part in Jallikattu. Corporate sponsorships will be sought for each bull in the competition. People who failed to get a team during IPL, ISL, IPTL, IBL, IWL can now try their luck at Indian Bull Taming League, IBTL.

Chennai residents have welcomed this move warmly but have warned BCCI not to ban their team once again, while unconfirmed sources say that Vijay Mallya again is ready to have his own team with his employees running to tame the bull to get their unpaid salaries.