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Govt cracks whip on religious groups that spread hatred; Arsenal and ManU fan-groups to be banned first

22, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: In a peculiar interpretation of religious fanaticism, the central government has sought to take strict action against football fan groups wherein fans get abusive and spiteful to the extent of getting religiously fanatic.

Government has announced that beginning next month these football fan-groups or any similar religious groups that spread hatred will be banned from releasing communications or holding meetings either on social media or on roads.

Public reaction to the news

Mr. DV Sadananda Gowda, the minister of Law & Justice provided further details to reporters – “The way Indian football fans love and worship football players like “deities” and the way they fight, abuse & hate the people from other football clubs, it all resembles religious fanaticism quite closely. The kind of hatred they show and spread against each other is unparalleled. They are almost 25% as hateful as some of the religious groups in India, which is quite worrisome for the country. As respectable prime-minister Modi ji recently said that we won’t be tolerating any religious fanaticism and radical behavior, we have decided to crack down upon these football fan groups.”

This announcement is said to be an after-effect of an incident on Twitter, wherein two groups of Indian football fans mercilessly clashed with each other.

In a heated exchange of tweets, fans of football clubs Arsenal and Manchester-United fought each other ferociously for hours, last Saturday. This fight started when one Arsenal Fan tweeted and called ManU team a pack of uni-sexual aliens, in response of which one ManU fan called Arsenal team a bunch of Arse-wholes. The fight soon turned ugly with abusive tweets in both English and Hindi being shared across Twitter for full 3 hours. There was a break of around 1 hour due to KBC re-runs on Sony from 08:00 to 09:00 pm, after which the horrendous fight resumed and got even worse.

While it is not exactly clear how these groups will be banned by the government, but football fans from all across the country have already started tweeting in protest over this announcement. As a result, Twitter hashtag #FforFootballFforF*** has already started trending in the Asia geo-region. Below are some of the top tweets (censored):

“Whn Kohli swears on ground in front f audience then no1 talks bans? But if we football fans say even 1 f*****g word all hell f*****g breaks loose.” ~ KooldudeKetaan, Mumbai

“I am a f*****g Chelsea fan and I f*****g hate Liverpool, so what? F*** me sideways.” ~ K.Thimmaiah, Chennai

“I am the ManU guy, it is clearly written on my red shirt, to kya hua b******d. Delhi se hu.” ~ Mangal4u, Delhi

“Why the f*** don’t you f*****g understand the f*****g mentality in which we f*****g football f*****g fans f*****g live.” ~ Abhijeet33Das, Kolkata