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Guy coolly repeating "better team won" after IND vs SA, badly beaten by crowd using plastic bottles

06, Oct 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Cuttack: An otherwise innocent T20 spectator, Shiv Kumar Zurabiya was badly beaten up by crowd using plastic bottles and flags for apparently passing irritating comments even as Indian team was on track to lose the T20 match against Proteas.

Cuttack crowd sparing no one
Cuttack crowd sparing no one

Faking News exclusively spoke to some of the spectators who claimed to have beaten up Zurabiya and apparently ‘brought him back’ to senses.

Shonali Mukhopadhyaya apparently the ‘lead beater’ was quite agitated even hours after the incident. She was actually the one who apparently tied Zurabiya’s hands using her Bengali saree while other spectators kicked him.

She described the incident in detail and said, “When people were trying to anti-cheer the South-Africans calling them chokers, this mothaf***r was not participating in anti-cheering at all. Infact he was telling us ‘guys please don’t anti-cheer, they are our guests. Plus they are the better team here tonight’. We all were like ‘WTH dude’. We were so angry. A lot of people there-and-then swore to teach this bugger a lesson.”

Parminder Pammi a die-hard Dhoni fan also clenched his fists and said, “Oye main tan pailan hi os gaddar nu radar te lai litta si. The way he was cheering for SA especially for Morkel, our blood was boiling. We asked him, brother which country you are from? He said India. We asked, why you no support India? He said I am a cricket fan, I support the better team. Oye, how dare he call SA better? Sadda India is the best oye. I broke 5 plastic bottles on his backside and then 3 punches on the rib-cage. He started supporting India right at the 3rd punch. Gaddar kahin ka. Traitoro di aulaad.

And this was not the end of story for poor Shiv Kumar Zurabiya. After he managed to escape from the venue with some injuries, when two of his friends tried to take him to the hospital, they also were chased away by the angry mob leaving Shiv Kumar in lurch.

Later only after a police patrol reached the venue and intervened, he was taken to a nearby hospital. But at the hospital again the doctor almost refused to treat him after he was told about his patient’s crimes. Only after Shiv Kumar swore allegiance to the Indian cricket team he was given proper medical attention.

While media has largely ignored this news and is preparing to focus on vilifying the Indian cricketers who could not do well today, people around the country, especially wannabe celebs have come out in support of Shiv Kumar. Following were some of the tweets supporting him:

“I love South-African players, come beat me too, Cuttack Junta.” – Swopna Clay, writer in her own way

“I also support South-African players, but please don’t beat me, coz I am still a small kid.” – Shakti Kanoor, Bollywood actor known for tearing apart the stereotypes

“I wish the way Indian fans supported Indian team, they supported Pak and Bangladesh teams too.” – Monjolika Kree, alleged journalist, known advocate of no-rights for majority groups

“SA won, so what? Ashes to ashes, earth to earth, dust to dust. Don’t know what that means, but sounds pretty cool.” – Pramel Jeth, serial tweeter, vocal supporter of everything he likes.