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Halfway through, man realizes he’s stuck with watching IPL matches

01, May 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Just when he thought that he had seen enough of IPL matches and the tournament finals could be played soon, Tarun Kumar, 27, realized that he’s done with watching only half of the matches. Tarun is now feeling stuck with IPL and is threatening to stop watching rest of the tournament.

“I had walked out of the cinema hall during interval of Housefull 2, when I felt that it was just going on and on. I can do the same to IPL!” Tarun threatened. He was talking to Faking News in an exclusive interview that he agreed to give only during the Strategic Timeout of 2.30 minutes.

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Experts believe that the message was delivered efficiently to the masses

Tarun is not sure why he ends up watching every IPL match even though he has dozens of pending tasks to finish within looming deadlines.

“I have to pay the electricity bill, finish a project report, and take my wife out for dinner,” Tarun conceded that IPL was taking a toll on his personal and professional lives, but he was stuck with it and was finding it difficult to find time for other things.

“Also, some of the matches have been pretty boring,” he added, “I think I have had it enough. No more matches from tomorrow!”

However experts believe that Tarun would end up watching every match of IPL.

“He said the same thing last weekend,” said Ajay, Tarun’s close friend and post-match discussion partner, “Then he saw my Facebook status and immediately switched on the TV.”

“Even Lalit Modi, thrown out of IPL, has been tweeting about every match yaar, how can Tarun stop watching it?” Ajay argued.

Experts claim that Tarun is one of thousands, maybe millions, of men who are undergoing similar experience in the country right now. Some have called it a condition similar to Stockholm syndrome, while others have termed it misogyny.

“He finds my occasional cribbing irritating, but he’s been listening to the howling crap by Danny Morrison and Navjot Singh Siddhu with rapt attention,” Tarun’s wife said.

When contacted, BCCI promised to look into the issue by announcing a ‘Fevicol Fan of the Tournament’ award for persons glued to the TV for the whole duration of the IPL.