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Hardik Pandya to get 'hairstyling' allowance from BCCI 

31, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

Cricketer Hardik Pandya, who is known for heroics on the pitch as for the experiments with his hair, will now be getting hairstyling allowance from BCCI to maintain his crop.

The announcement was made ahead of India’s 4th ODI against Sri Lanka by a senior official. The exact amount was not revealed but sources say that it is quite significant.

“He (Hardik) likes sporting new hairstyles and has a new one for every series. Since these players are nothing less than brands, grooming is an important part of maintaining that brand value. So BCCI has decided to proivide allowance to players to take care of their grooming needs,” said one official.

“As long as it does not affect his game,we are fine with it. He can do whatever he likes with his looks,” the official added.

Hardik was happy with BCCI’s gesture and also tweeted images of hairstyles he’d like to try out.

Apparently, several cricketers had previously asked the cricketing body for allowances to take care of their grooming needs. “Virat too wanted tatoo allowance some time back. Other players wanted money for fairness creams, perfumes etc. Probably BCCI will agree to that too,” said a player who didn’t wish to be named.

BCCI however made it clear that that facility will be made available only to cricketers are not to commentators and support staff.

After the news made its way to social media, a few Pakistani cricketers too asked for similar allowance from PCB, but were immediately reprimanded by the board and were asked to focus on cricket instead. “Waise hi hamari board ke paas paise nahi hai. Mai khud saal me ek baar baal kaatne jata hoon taaki paise bach jaye. Aur inhe allowance chahiye,” screamed Najam Sethi, Chairman of PCB.