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Himachal CM agrees to provide security to Pakistan team after they agree to sing Ghazals during the match

09, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Lahore: After days of uncertainty, Himachal CM Virbhadra Singh has agreed to provide security to the Pakistan team during the India-Pakistan clash in the World T20 tournament. This decision came after Pakistan players agreed to sing Ghulam Ali’s Ghazals during their match.

Shahid Afridi working hard at the nets to prepare for World T20
Shahid Afridi working hard at the nets to prepare for World T20

Speaking to the press, a CMO spokesperson said, “We have always supported artists from across the border. Even when Ghulam Ali’s concerts were opposed by some parties, Congress extended the invitation to him to perform in states ruled by them. Once Pakistani cricketers confirmed to us that they are also Ghazal singers who play cricket on the side, we agreed to provide security cover for them as well.”

When asked why they don’t extend the same courtesy to sportsmen, the spokesperson said, “Cricket, not Kashmir is the root cause of enmity between the two nations. Whenever relations start to get better, there comes a cricket match and everyone’s nationalist sentiments appear on the surface again. That is why we were not supporting this cricket match earlier. Now when people will know that it is actually a Ghazal concert and Cricket is just a side show, people will be more relaxed watching this event.”

A Pakistani cricketer speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed that they have given it in writing that they will sing Ghazals during the match. “All this uncertainty was messing with our heads. One day pack warm clothes for Dharamshala, next day pack cool clothes for Kolkata. Instead of practicing, we were busy packing-unpacking so we decided to do whatever it takes to end the confusion.”

“We are not going to win against India in a World Cup anyway. At least this time we will have an excuse that we were busy singing Ghazals so lost focus and the match”, the player said.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Cricket Board has hired Ghulam Ali as the coach of the team. Ghulam Ali will replace Waqar Younis in that position. “Fast bowling comes naturally to our boys so no need for Waqar, Ghazal singing is more difficult”, explained a PCB spokesperson.