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After humiliating defeat to India, Pak Army Chief to take over as coach of Pakistan cricket team

05, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

Pakistan’s trashing at the hands of Kohli and his boys has not only irked fans but Pak Army too called the run chase spineless and is now planning to to take over the cricketing reigns from PCB. As per a report in Dawn News, Army Chief Qamar Bajwa will soon appoint himself at the coach of the cricket team to ensure that such timid performance is not repeated in future.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News Mr. Bajwa said, “I am furious to say the least. Terrible batting performance. Bowling was even worse. I have seen better stone pelters in Kashmir. Once I take over, all these weak links would be out of the team.”

When questioned if he had any plans to inducting stone pelters in the team, he said, “We are considering that option. I have asked my men to identify the best of the lot who could be part our team. There was a time when Pak bowlers were feared. But now they have become a joke.”

The Army Chiefs decision found some support from the media too. Prime time fiery news anchor Arnabuddin Gul Sami, also known as Pakistans Arnab, too echoed the same views. While analyzing the teams performance on prime time debate he castigated the players for not being focused enough. “Look at our players. They are more concerned about their appearance than their performance. That ugly haircut of Imad Wasim has spawned a meme factory,” he screamed.

Former captain Imran Khan trained his guns at Nawaz Sharif and blamed him for the teams loss. “Wazier-e-azam kuch nahi kar rahe hai. Hamari team padosiyon ke haathon pit rahi hai. Pakistan ki awaaam ko ye kuch jawab de, ya phir isteefa de,” he said, while speaking at a rally in Lahore.