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Hurt and shocked Miandad's letter to Shahid Afridi

15, Mar 2016 By dasu

Lahore: Javed Miandad has blasted Afridi after he praised Indian crowds for the way they behave towards Pakistani cricketers. Javed asked Afridi, what Indians have given us that you are praising them, that too in their own land. After blasting him on a TV channel, Miandad decided to pen a letter to Afridi. Through our daring sources, we managed to get a copy of the letter. It is reproduced below.

Afridi trying to calm an angry Miandad down

Dear Afridi,

If anyone else would have said this, I would have ignored it by saying it is sheer ignorance or lack of experience. But Afridi, you are playing cricket from my grandpa’s time and you do not know that Indians have never done anything for us?

Let me highlight some of the points where Indians could have done a lot for us.

  • Some people say Chetan Sharma gave me a full toss, that is why I was able to hit a six to win the match at Sharjah. You can ask any expert, all will say, low full toss are difficult to hit. Gift would have been a down the leg side wide four, that’s what we needed to win. Chetan did not do that.
  • When Aaquib Javed took a hat-trick at Sharjah, it was not Indians who gave us the wickets. In fact they were trying to defend instead of leaving their stumps open and getting bowled. Thankfully, Umpires were there to give us the LBWs.
  • When I was jumping like a monkey at SCG, not a single Indian cricketer came to me to control my excitement. There was this one cricketer whose name was “More” but his behavior was “Less” than pathetic on that day. In that monkey dance, I lost all my energy, ultimately losing my wicket. Everyone knew that if Javed loses his wicket, all over for Pakistan.
  • Remember 1996 World Cup Quarter Finals? Aamir Sohail was not allowed even one ball to show off by that Prasad fellow. He could have waited for a few balls to get Sohail out but no, the moment Sohail started showing off, they bowled him off the very next ball. So much humiliation for Aamir Sohail that day.
  • Arey forget cricket, even after so many years they are looking for my samdhi Dawood. Can’t they forget one person and allow him to live peacefully. So much hatred shown by India.

At the end I must remind you Afridi; it was Sri Lanka that gave you the record of fastest ODI century. If you have to thank someone, thank those Sri Lankan bowlers. They might help you to regain that world record. Forget about our hopeless neighbors who will never help us.

Your not so loving,

Javed Miandad