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I made correct review calls, DRS was hacked like EVMs: Virat Kohli

15, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Ranchi: Indian captain Virat Kohli has dismissed suggestions that he has used DRS poorly during the ongoing test series against Australia. Speaking to the press ahead of the 3rd test match, Kohli has said that the decision should have gone in his favor after all the reviews but unfortunately, DRS has been hacked by BJP Australian hackers.

DRS hacked, what can I do

Hacking is the best explanation for every verdict these days, whether it is the 3rd umpire verdict or the public verdict after an election.

Answering a question over the use of DRS, Kohli said ,”I don’t think I made any bad calls when I was out in the center. Australian batsmen should have been given out when I reviewed in the field and I should have been given not out when I was batting. If EVMs deciding the future of the country can be hacked easily by anyone then why can’t a smaller system like DRS get hacked? There is some hacking of DRS going on and the ICC umpires must investigate this thoroughly.”

When a reporter said that he saw some of the reviews and everyone thought they were bad reviews, Kohli got angry and said ,”Everyone present in the stadium shouted in support whenever I called for a review. You want to tell me that all those people who supported my decision were wrong and one umpire is correct? I am not raising any questions on the integrity of the umpire but I think their system has been hacked.”

Meanwhile, Kohli has dismissed allegations that Delhi leaders have an inherent distrust of technology because they can’t understand it.