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I still have 3-4 good retirements left in me: Shahid Afridi

26, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dhaka: After announcing the decision to reconsider his latest retirement, Shahid Afridi has hit out at detractors who said that his best retirements are all in the past now.

Afridi reviewing his retirement
Afridi reviewing his retirement

Many ex-players had suggested that Afridi should make this his last retirement and Pakistan should give opportunities to others like Hafeez and Shaoib Malik to start their retirement career. However, the man in question isn’t ready to pass on the mantle just yet.

“There is no question of retiring from retiring for me. I am still enjoying retiring and as long as I continue o enjoy it, why should I stop? I am sure I can retire 3-4 times more before I call it quits”, Said Shahid Afridi in Dhaka.

“For a short while I lost my focus and contemplated making it my last retirement but after the support of family and friends, I decided to return to the arena. Some ex-players are mocking me but they are just jealous that they couldn’t retire as many times as me”, Afridi added.

When our reporter asked whether Afridi has any milestone he wants to achieve before his final retirement, Afridi said,” I don’t retire for records. This is only the love of my fans and my personal motivation that keeps me going. I only take one retirement at a time. Statisticians can keep track of the number of my retirements; I will just go out there and retire in style as long as I can.”

While Boom Boom fans have welcomed Afridi’s decision to reconsider his retirement, some ex-players are not happy with this. “When will the youngsters get a chance to retire if Afridi doesn’t move on? He is a veteran of the team and his huge reputation to retire intimidates youngsters who also want to start retiring. A bit like Tendulkar’s fellow batsmen felt while batting with him”, a Pakistani cricketer turned commentator said.

When we asked some friends of Afridi why they stopped him from retiring, they said, “We just asked him ‘is baar pakka?’ and he said ok if you insist, I will not retire from retiring.”