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ICC asks India to loan Virat Kohli to Zimbabwe for a competitive T20 series

15, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Harare: Concerned with the lack of interest in a one sided India-Zimbabwe series, ICC has asked India to loan Virat Kohli to Zimbabwe for a more even contest during the T20 series. Virat is currently resting in India and is not a part of the current tour.

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This series needs some spice

India has already won the first 2 ODIs very easily and is well on their way to winning the 3rd one at the time of filing of this report. Due to the low scores put up by Zimbabwe batsmen, the matches have turned into a no contest. This has led to lack of interest in the series which is turning away advertisers and ICC doesn’t want any loss of revenue.

“We are committed to raising the standard of cricket in all our member countries and we feel that the inclusion of Virat Kohli in Zimbabwe squad can really turn things around for them. They are struggling with their batting, Virat is in the form of his life, he alone is sufficient to bridge the gap between the two nations”, said an ICC executive.

“What is he doing back in India anyway? He is just resting there when he can work to bring the advertisers interest back. Nobody is watching this series, absolutely nobody and we are worried that the T20s series will go down the same path. There are no people at the grounds, there is no TV audience and if some people didn’t have to tweet about the series, I don’t think anyone woukd have watched it at all and this needs to change”, the ICC executive explained.

Indian captain MS Dhoni has offered to loan players from his bench to balance things out but ICC turned down that offer saying unless Kohli is part of the loan, it will not be enough to bridge the gap.

Meanwhile, Vijay Mallya has asked ICC whether they extend any loans to beleaguered businessmen as well or only to cricket teams.