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ICC concerned over Indian cricket supporter outnumbering locals in New Zealand and Australian stadiums, may consider reservation for local fans 

11, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

The series in Australian last month and the subsequent series in New Zealand saw a large number of Indian suppoerts in the stadium to cheer the home team. Statistics reveal that Indian supporters outnumbered the supporters of host team and this has got the ICC worried.


Speaking to Faking News a senior ICC official said, “Both in Australia and New Zealand, the grounds were filled with Indian supporters. Although good for ticket sales, we’ve had many locals complaining that they did not get a chance to get to the stadium as all tickets were sold out.”

Several players from both cricketing nations complained that they felt like outsiders on their home grounds. “There are hardly any cheering for us. It feels like we are playing somewhere in India. Even when one of our players scores a century, all we get to hear are chants of Dhoni Dhoni,” remarked an Australian player who didn’t wish to be named.

Supporters of New Zealand cricket team, inspired by the Gujjar protest, were seen blocking railway tracks at several location demanding reservations. “We want at least 50% reservations for locals. I mean the real locals and not Indians who have move here for job or study,” said a protester.

The railway network remained crippled for many hours and the protesters cleared the tracks only after assurances from ICC.

Sources say that a high level meeting between top officials of the ICC which took place yesterday was seriously considering the option of reservation. Though the International Committee does not want to be too harsh on Indian supporters as they always fill up the stands even when India is not playing and thus contribute to the revenue.

“Even if tomorrow there is a cricket match between China and Japan in a stadium somewhere in Africa, Indians will turn up for the match in large numbers. So we don’t want to undermine their contribution to the game. But 50% reservation looks like a possible solution to keep the locals happy,” said the ICC Chief while speaking on the issue.