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ICC to introduce "One tip, one hand catch" rule to try and bring balance between batsmen and bowlers

07, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dubai: Concerned with the one-sided dominance of bat over ball, ICC has decided to introduce a ‘One tip one hand’ catch out rule to bring some balance between bat and ball. The very popular gully cricket rule was unanimously approved at the meeting of ICC executives currently underway in Dubai.

Kamran Akmal
Kamran Akmal’s reaction after hearing about the new rule

Over the past few years, several bowlers have complained about the balance of play in limited overs cricket tilting totally in favour of batsmen with flat pitches, short boundaries, fielding restrictions and big bats. After watching the highest ever scores in 50 overs and 20 overs cricket during the past week, ICC has decided to correct it. The main motive behind this step is to ensure bowlers don’t go extinct.

Under the new rule, a batsman will be given out if the fielder catches the ball with one hand after it has bounced only once on the ground. Till now, a fielder had to catch the ball before it hits the ground to get the dismissal.

“More and more bowlers were complaining to us about the rules allowing domination of batsmen in limited overs cricket. There were reports that sooner rather than later, people will stop taking up bowling altogether. Now we are all for technology but using bowling machines in international cricket would have been inappropriate. Therefore, we had to do something for the bowlers. Our colleagues from the sub-continent put this idea in front of us of introducing this one tip, one hand rule and all of us immediately liked it”, an ICC executive said.

Furthermore, he added,”The new rule will be introduced during the India-New Zealand ODI series slated to start in October. This rule is only for T20s and ODIs right now. If the need is felt later, we can bring it to test cricket as well”, the executive added.

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting was really surprised after hearing about this new rule. He said,”This is a new rule? We always thought this rule existed, that is why my side always appealed after catching the ball after it had bounced.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir had said that it won’t change anything. “Have you seen our fielders? We need ‘10 tips, 2 hands’ catch out.”