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ICC to reduce test matches to 3 days duration whenever India plays outside the subcontinent

11, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Dubai. In a first of its kind move, International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced that all test matches featuring India outside the Indian subcontinent will be officially of 3 days duration, instead of the regular 5 days duration.

ICC took this decision after closely following performances of India in test matches abroad over the past couple of years, where it was concluded that results won’t have been much different if they were 3-days matches, the latest being India’s loss at Old Trafford in Manchester.

Indian team strategizing to raise the bar and lose the next game in 2 days.
Indian team strategizing to raise the bar and lose the next game in 2 days.

The Old Trafford loss was reportedly 14th such instance of losing a test match within 3 days, with only one of those in the subcontinent.

“India started with showing the world how test matches too can throw results. They have perfected the art over few years. We have reports that they target losing a match inside 3 days, so that they can utilize the remaining 2 days practicing losing the next match,” an ICC official said in a press conference.

“We hope other countries will also learn and follow suit soon,” the official added.

ICC claimed that this was their first attempt to offer customized solutions to the cricketing nations of this world, and they were not giving India any special status.

“Whoever decided that a test match should be of a minimum 5 days, clearly never had Indian team in mind,” the ICC CEO David Richardson told Faking News.

“This is just the beginning of a wonderful era of customization in the game of cricket. If successful, we even have plans to directly award series to India’s opposition outside subcontinent, while declare Pakistan a host nation without any teams visiting their grounds for a series,” the ICC CEO revealed ICC’s possible customized solutions.

BCCI too has welcomed the decision. The board said that it intended to use the 2 days thus saved in staging T20 matches featuring the home team or Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

“And if the CSK players are not available, Sri Lanka is always there,” BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla assured that India will make the best use of the opportunity.

BCCI feels any T20 match staged in those left over days will be won by India, as the team would already be in T20 mode losing the test match rapidly.