Impressed with his cricketing skills, IPL team owners rank Akash Vijayvargiya as top favorite for IPL 2020 

27, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

Akash Vijayvargiya, who is currently cooling his heels in jails, has something to look forward to once out. The BJP legislator who beat up civic officials in Madhya Pradesh with a cricket bat has managed to impress IPL owners with his cricketing skills and could feature in next years T20 matches.


The video of Akash beating officials armed with a cricket bat went viral yesterday and many from cricketing fraternity  have since been raving about his ‘unconventional batting style’.

“Just saw his(Akash Vijayvargiya) video on my smartphone and must say that kid has some talent. The way he swung the bat at the civic official, it reminded me of Yuvraj’s six sixes. If he can hit a man like that, imagine what he can do to the ball. I have no doubt that he’d be the one most teams would be looking out for this season,” said an IPL official under condition of anonymity.

Not just IPL owner, Kailash Vijayvargiya too was beaming with pride.

“I always knew my son was talented. Most people don’t know but Akash has been honing his skills. I remember when he was in school and one of our junior officer refused to tie his shoe laces. Akash thrashed him with a bat and also threw a few punches. Back then I wondered what career path would he take besides politics. A cricketer or a professional boxer. But looking at the video now, I’d never want him to join politics or boxing over cricket,” said the BJP leader.

The viral video has sent shivers among last years star IPL players who received highest bids at the auctions. Andre Russell has decided on early retirement. Chris Gayle and AB DeVilliers are will not be part of IPL2020 if Akash Vijayvargiya is part of the auction process.