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Impressed with Sanjay Manjrekar's trivia, govt recommends him for Ministry of Statistics

19, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: Knowledge is power but trivia is dominance. This statement proved to be true in case of former cricketer and popular commentator Sanjay Manjrekar who’s currently dominating the commentary box with his trivia on a popular sports channel airing the World Cup 2015 matches.

Impressed with Sanjay’s knowledge and ability to break down raw cricket data into salable factoids, the Prime Minster’s Office has recommended his name for the Ministry of Statistics. This is the first time that a person associated with sports has been nominated for this ministry. After hearing the news, Sanjay’s fellow commentators seemed quite happy. We managed to sneak into the commentary box when Sanjay had gone for a break and here is how the eminent presenter cum commentator Alan Wilkins reacted.

“Sanjay, while discussing important trivial matters.”

“The happiest person is not among us but the one sitting right in the corner of this room. Yes, it is the statistician. We’re glad Sanjay won’t be here anymore to put a lock on the statistics and prevent others from announcing it. The decision of your central government is coming at a time when we were beginning to show symptoms of depression owing to lack of opportunities to discuss scores and milestones. Kudos to Modi! Abki baar bhi Modi Sarkaar!”

Even the Satta Bazaar vendors across the metropolitan cities seem to be elated with useless statistics being discussed in social media circles as Manjrekar’s enthusiasm in discussing trifling matters has doubled the number of events eligible for betting. Some events like batsmen scratching their nose with or without gloves, the number of times the batsman does a “discus throw” movement during a pull shot are now among the top betting events of the current time.

Time will tell if Sanjay Manjrekar will prove to be a value add to the central ministry or an all time bauble.