In Tweets: India vs Australia semi final match

26, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Faking News bring to you the match as it happened today through the tweets of its team (@i_psycho, @rahulroushan), plus few others.

The match started on a good note for India.

But soon Australia consolidated, so much so that Dhoni had to hand the ball to Kohli in 11th over

Things were just not going India’s way

which led fans to question Srinivasan’s form

Fans began questioning India’s tactics

Like this

Similarities with 2003 world cup final were drawn

Then Umesh Yadav turned it around with Smith’s wicket

Umesh took 2 more wickets, but did not get the kind of love that Kohli gets from female fans

Taking a cue from Wahab Riaz, Watson was bowled lot of short stuff which made Raina nervous

However Australia bounced back

Clarke once again showed his leadership skills

The slog hitting by Aussies caught BCCI’s attention

It was time for India’s batting

But Kohli failed

And with wickets starting to fall, BCCI had to use its clout

Fans became frustrated

Soon the asking rate became too monumental

And unfortunately India lost, but who cares

But one country was even happier than Australia

They had second thoughts after this

Now, over to finals