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India overtakes US to become biggest importer of baseball bats, but the bats are not used to play baseball: Survey

30, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: Global Baseball Bat market was valued at 350$ M in 2017 and will reach 410$ M by the end of 2025, CAGR of 2.0%. The industry is booming and India has a big role to play in the market. The US baseball federation has come to know that maximum bats are sold in India. They sent an investigation team to find out how and where are these bats used, as India’s baseball teams have never been in news.


The investigating team found that most bats are used during the road rage in Gurgaon and NCR region. Baseball bats have become the favorite accessory to be kept inside the SUVs that roam around the region. Almost every car has a baseball bat inside. A few years back, the road rage didn’t involve any accessory but the baseball bat has become an instant hit. In fact, according to the survey done by our reporters, we found that the number of bats sold in NCR in a year is equal to the number of bats sold in the US in the last 5 years.

Baseball bats are not only used during road rages. They are used by the goons supporting political parties. Most of the supporters of politicians also keep a baseball bat inside their cars. Policemen use it during their third-degree attempts inside the jails. Parents use it to keep their children on the right track. Belts, belan, sandals are a thing of the past. Parents nowadays in India use baseball bats to shape the career of their kids. Many US companies have approached the Modi government to MAKE the bats IN INDIA.