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Govt congratulates WhatsApp message forwarders for getting India 2 Gold medals in Rio Olympics

08, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Sports ministry has congratulated WhatsApp message forwarders and thanked them for securing 2 Gold medals for India at the ongoing Rio Olympics. Even though India is yet to win a medal in Rio, WhatsApp messages yesterday claimed that India has already won 2 Gold medals.

Olympic Gold medal for WhatsApp forwards

WhatsApp messages are a very popular way to spread false information that you wish was true. Though mostly used to spread political misinformation, now these WhatsApp message professionals have started focusing on sports as well.

The message claimed that India has won one Gymnastics Gold through Dipa Karmakar, the second Gold medal kept changing sports from one message to another. The source of the original message couldn’t be determined unfortunately. However, government has asked IT ministry to check if they can find out who sent this message first so that he or she can be appropriately rewarded.

“Well, let’s be honest here, the performances in Rio by Indian athletes have been a bit under-whelming so far. Sports lovers of the country were feeling slightly disappointed and were at a low. During these tough times, these WhatsApp messages came like a breath of fresh air and provided much needed positivity to the fans. This also ignited a hope in people’s minds that if we have won 2 Gold medals, we can win even more now. We must congratulate these people who are spreading positivity around”, a sports ministry official said.

Furthermore, he added,”The timing of the Olympic events is such that not many people are watching it anyway. With India not winning medals, the numbers were starting to drop even more. However, with this news of 2 Gold medals spreading, many more people switched on their TV sets to follow the games. It is very important for people to watch these games so that the future athletes of the country can get inspired. That is where the contribution of these WhatsApp message forwarders is really immense.”

Meanwhile, sports ministry has requested WhatsApp message forwarders to ensure that they make India win Gold medals only in events where India is participating. “We want it to feel a bit realistic you know, don’t want everyone to turn cynical and start disbelieving WhatsApp messages”, the official said.