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Indian batsmen should play for my daddy, not for crowd: Siddharth Mallya

18, Mar 2011 By Charkha Dutt

Bangalore. One of the leading sons of India, Siddharth Mallya has echoed Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s sentiments that some Indian batsmen had been playing shots to please the crowd in the stadium, instead of playing for the country.

In fact, he has alleged that a couple of those crowd-crazy batsmen were more interested in pleasing and impressing his girlfriend Deepika Padukone than taking their team to victory.

“Players should not play for the crowd or Deepika,” Junior Mallya suggested, “Crowd belongs to no one while Deepika belongs to me.”

Siddharth Mallya
Siddharth Mallya, before he left beer bottles and picked Deepika Padukone

But Siddharth Mallya rejected Dhoni’s assertion that Indian batsmen should play for the country or the team.

“That’s not going to work; It’d be better if they played for my daddy,” he said.

Explaining his comments, Siddharth proposed that the IPL4 auctions of all the Indian cricketers should be immediately canceled and a new date for India specific auctions should be announced. He suggested the new auction date to be the April 3, 2011 – the day after the ICC World Cup finals.

“All the Indian players would automatically come under the scanner of the IPL team owners as a result, and they would be encouraged to play good cricket to attract high bids from team owners like my daddy,” Junior Mallya argued, “They don’t have an incentive to play good cricket at present.”

Making news for the first time without Deepika Padukone by his side, Siddharth Mallya requested the BCCI and IPL to give his suggestion a “serious thought” and invite all the owners of all the IPL teams to attend the rest of the World Cup matches.

The suggestion by Siddharth Mallya has taken the cricket administration in India by surprise with BCCI and IPL team owners, including his daddy, refusing to comment, but fans of Sourav Ganguly have welcomed the suggestion.

“Why only Indian players, everyone should go under hammer once again! And new deserving players should be included in the fresh auctions,” said Irish batsman Kevin O’Brien, who hit the fastest world cup century a couple of weeks back.

Experts believe that although another round of auctions for IPL would only give more money to IPL in shape of a fresh television broadcast contract for the auctioning event, the league and the BCCI won’t want ICC to get into the picture by linking ICC World Cup matches to the auctions.

“Wow! Didn’t I tell you that I don’t like him just for his daddy!?” Deepika Padukone reacted when asked to comment.