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Indian bowlers claim they wanted to set challenging total for Indian batsmen ahead of finals

26, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Sydney. After conceding 328 runs to Australia, Indian bowlers have claimed that they wanted to set a challenging total for Indian batsmen ahead of final match with New Zealand.

Arguing that chasing such total would act as good preparation for Indian batsmen ahead of finals, bowlers hope that batsmen would lift their games and not rely too much on bowling for finals.

The bowlers took tips from Nehra and Dinda before the match.
The bowlers took tips from Nehra and Dinda before the match.

“Thanks to our brilliant performance, they have had it very easy so far. They haven’t really been tested,” Mohammad Shami told Faking News.

“Just like that superb chase by New Zealand against South Africa must have given them lot of confidence, our idea was to give same confidence to Indian batsmen after they are able to chase a high total down,” Shami went on to explain.

“And if they don’t manage to chase it down, then they as it is don’t deserve to be playing in finals,” Shami added.

However bowlers did claim to face a lot of difficulties in going past 300 mark for Australia.

“Though it was a bit difficult as we did not have Ishant sir to lead and guide us, but I guess in the end we managed to set a decently high target for our batsmen. Though had he been there, we would have reached the 400 target that we had initially set for ourselves,” revealed Umesh Yadav who though satisfied with the runs he gave, rued taking 3 wickets.

Meanwhile cricket Australia lambasted its players for setting a 300+ target for Indian batting line up.

“Knowing how a 300 plus total charges Indian team up at times, they could have exercised restrain,” said CA chief pointing to Steve Smith & Co.