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Indian bowlers feature on Sansani after humiliating loss to Australia

18, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Indian cricket team’s 3rd successive defeat to Australia not only led to a barrage of criticism but also led to the teams bowlers being featured in the popular crime show Sansani.

Indian cricket team bowlers on crime show Sansani
Indian cricket team bowlers on crime show Sansani

Gaur se Dekhiye in nalayak, nikamme aur nakara bowlers ko. Pehchaniye inke chehre. Kis tarah inhone desh ke logon ka bharosa toda hai. SRK ke bhes me KRK nikle ye sab bowlers. Kya yeh match fixed this. Bataiye inko kya saza milni chahiye,” screamed the pony tailed and bearded anchor of the popular show.

Faking News reporter tried speaking to Srivardhan Trivedi, the face of the TV show and popularly known as Mr. Sansani. But with his aggressive demeanor was too much for our reporter and the conversation couldn’t last for more than a few minutes.

The producer of the show shared his views and said, “We all have seen how Indian team performed, especially our bowlers. I mean its criminal when you have such a good total and still the bowlers shamelessly let us down. We feel they should be treated as criminals for their poor performance. That is the only way we pass as message that such performance will not be tolerated.”

If sources are to be believed, the news of bowlers featuring on Sansani spread panic in the dressing room with bowlers urging BCCI officials to mediate and settle the issue.

“We are ready to tender a formal apology to Mr. Sansani, but please don’t have us on the show. I promise to perform better in the next match,” said a bowler with dismal bowling figures under condition of anonymity.

An emergency meet by top BCCI officials was called late in the evening to address the crisis. “This will affect the morale of the players. We are looking at options to respond the allegations on our bowlers,” said an official.

Team Director Ravi Shastri was more in favor of ‘an eye for an eye’ approach and suggested that BCCI should take advantage of Ishant Sharma’s menacing looks and shoot a video reply to the Sansani anchor.