Indian bowlers go on strike alleging discrimination, ask why no biopic on them

17, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: All the Indian bowlers participating in the ongoing IPL have declared a strike and refused to take part in any more matches till their demands are met. They are protesting against the discrimination bowlers are currently facing in the country as in a season of cricket biopics, there is not a single biopic on a bowler.

dhoni biopic
Batsmen are set to rule the box office

While Azhar is releasing this May, Dhoni will hit the cinemas later this year and Sachin’s biopic is also in the pipeline. This continuous stream of batsman themed films has irked the bowlers.

“This is really unfortunate. What are they trying to show, bowlers aren’t there at all in India? Who is conceding 300+ in every ODI, who allowed West Indies to chase down a big score in recent world T20, who let Sri Lanka score 900+ in a test match? All our achievements have been simply ignored”, said a fast bowler from North India.

A spinner from Tamil Nadu joined in and said, “This is not the first time bowlers have faced discrimination. Throughout our lives, we get flat wickets to bowl on so that batsmen can break records. Boundary size is decreasing, bat thickness is increasing, everywhere batsmen are dominating. Now they will dominate box office too.”

“Its not as if there aren’t any bowlers around to make films on. Kapil paaji kept running in alone on these pitches for 2 decades. Anil Kumble was the best medium pace bowler of the 90s, Sreesanth’s fixing scandal was in no way less than the fixing during the 90s but do they get recognized, oh no. All we got was Patiala House and even in that the Indian bowler was representing England”, he went on to add.

As per sources, no Indian bowler will take the field during IPL till a film is announced on the life of any bowler who represented India. This is the latest blow to BCCI officials who are already struggling to reschedule matches that were to be held in Maharashtra.

When contacted, a BCCI official said, “We have approached few producers to announce a film. If that doesn’t happen, we will replace bowlers with bowling machines. Chakke hi to khaane hain.”