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Indian cricket team returns from West Indies tour midway, BCCI says 'players want to link Aadhaar with PAN before deadline'

30, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

Even as preparation for the 3rd ODI between India and West Indies is underway, there were reports that the Indian team is heading back. BCCI sources reveal that players were concerned over the deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN card and decided to return midway.


Though the linking can be done online, players did not want to take any risk as there was no clarity on the linking procedure.

Faking News reporter spoke to the Team Manager, who said, “Yes it is true. The 3rd ODI stands cancelled. All players will be heading back to complete the linking formalities. There is a lot of confusion fueled apprehension about what will happen after July 1. The players are not sure if their PAN card will be rendered invalid. It’s not just the team, the entire contingent including the officials and commentators thought it would be prudent to adhere to the Govt’s diktat of linking the two cards.”

There were reports that some players missed the pre-match net practice as they were busy trying to link the two cards in the IT website. A BCCI official who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity said that in form batsman Hardik Pandya was seen furiously hitting the laptop after the IT website just refused to open. And when it did, Pandya mistakenly linked his Aadhar card to his sim-card.

When questioned if the team would be returning to West Indies, the official refused to comment.

In a strongly worded letter BCCI has asked the Govt to refrain from coming up with such exercises that drag the players focus away from cricket. “I don’t understand this deadline business. Why this hurry. Since the time they’ve arrived in West Indies they haven’t had a chance to go to beach. All they do is just practice and now they have this headache of linking some cards. I am having a hard time explaining GST to the players and now this,” grumbled Rajiv Shukla.