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Indian fans assure ICC that they will fill up the stadium for Champions Trophy irrespective of teams playing

29, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

ICC Champions trophy is all set to begin in a few days, the cricketing body however is concerned about occupancy of the stadiums which they say could see a drop during some matches.

But thanks to the large number of Indians in UK, this concern might just be taken care of. A committee representing Indian cricket fans has assured that irrespective of the teams playing, fans will help fill up the entire stadium.

“Teams from across the globe will be competing for the trophy and we were worried that stadiums wont fill up for some of the matches. But with the assurance of Indian fans who are known to turn up in large numbers for any cricketing event, we can hope to generate some revenue from ticket sales,” said  ICC spokesperson.

Official sponsor Emirates is planning to put in use extra flights to ferry Indian fans from across UK and overseas.

It’s not just Indians living in UK who are planning to attend the event, sources say that a contingent of 10,000 officials are planing to travel from India.

Around 10% of that group will be CBI officials who plan to catch hold of Vijay Mallya in case he turns up at the venue. The rest are  believed to be ministers and their kin who will be on a study tour to the UK.

Pakistani population living there is however not happy with the undue importance given to Indians, some pointing out that Pakistani’s too can fill up any venue at short notice. “Though on paper we may look less but I can tell you that there are lot many illegally staying here who can outnumber these Indians any time,” said one Pak sports fan on condition of anonymity.