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Indian football fans request BCCI to intervene and schedule world cup matches at suitable timings

13, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. Unable to watch the opening match of FIFA world cup live due to it being scheduled at unsuitable timing according to IST, Indian football fans have appealed to BCCI to intervene so that they don’t miss rest of the matches because of inconvenient timing.

Fans are hoping that BCCI will be able to utilize their vast expertise of making other countries work/play according to IST and thereby make it possible for them to watch matches without missing on their sleep or office next day.

“When BCCI can make much powerful countries like Australia and England bow down to their might and make them schedule matches featuring India, according to IST, so that viewers back in India can catch them, then Brazil is not even a challenge,” explained a fan who faced wrath of his boss for turning up late at work.

BCCI on its next mission
BCCI on its next mission

Many even asked BCCI to push timings of Café Rio further by 2-3 hours.

“I was all geared up to watch the match and was even ready to compromise on my sleep for that. But then they started showing Café Rio, and within seconds I dozed off,” rued a fan who got up only after 12 hours and thus missed the match.

According to sources, BCCI has agreed to the demands on the condition that Sony Six will share some percentage of revenue with them for their services.

First BCCI will politely ask Brazil and FIFA to reschedule the matches. If they don’t agree, BCCI will announce an IPL type league for Football in India and bar Brazilian players from playing in it.

If insiders are to be believed, leading negotiator Rajiv Shukla is already on its way to Sao Paulo to get the job done. Vindoo Dara Singh is also being kept as a back up option.

“He will sit with wives and girlfriends of famous Brazilian players in the stands and embarrass them if they don’t pay heed to our demands,” a BCCI official confirmed on conditions of anonymity.

“We may even subject Brazilian viewers to Café Rio by telecasting the show on their channels, and have kept it as our last option,” he further emphasized the seriousness with which BCCI has taken up this responsibility.

Meanwhile to exact revenge for the dull and boring opening ceremony, Football fans have requested Manmohan Singh to deliver guest lectures across institutes in Brazil.