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Indian man applies for Brazilian citizenship to motivate himself to support a team in FIFA World Cup

12, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Jazzbati Thakur, a 22 year old boy from the city has applied for Brazilian citizenship after he failed to motivate himself to support a particular team in the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Jazzbati, who earlier was a football illiterate, was able to recognize football players from different countries after a month of tuition from his college senior. But despite all the freshly acquired knowledge, he couldn’t attach himself emotionally to any team.

Football fan
Jazzbati’s dream.

“I don’t know how Indian football fans end up supporting any other country so madly. Am I lacking something?” wondered a frustrated Jazzbati, “In case they reject my citizenship application, how am I going to survive next one month on Twitter and Facebook?”

Reportedly, Brazilian authorities have asked Jazzbati to go through a football test, where his football knowledge will be tested before he’s accepted as a citizen.

“They don’t want to dilute the level of football frenzy existing in their country,” Jazzbati revealed while revising his tuition notes, “And for your information, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo are not the same person.”

On being asked why he chose Brazil, Jazzbati shied away. But his friends tell Faking News that Samba dancers were one of the prominent reasons.

Jazzbati’s family members disclose that it is not the first time that he was taking such a bold step to emotionally attach himself to some team. “During last IPL, he shifted to Kolkata for the entire period and even renamed himself to Jazzbati Banerjee,” said his elder brother.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from the incident, some of the smaller football playing nations in Europe have started issuing temporary citizenship to attract Indian football fans.

“We have a population of just a few millions. So in order to boost our support base, we are looking for fans to hire. India, with a billion plus population and no football team in FIFA World Cup, is a goldmine for us,” said head of a European nation, “First, cheap labor, now free fans! India is awesome.”

“It seems, rather than playing football, they are happy just being fans of football. But anyway, good for us,” he concluded.