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Indian team to lose next 2 games in order to peak at the right time in the tournament

23, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

Perth. With an eye to play world cup final and defend the title, Indian team has today decided to lose the next 2 games that it is set to play.

Arguing that they are peaking too early into the tournament,  Indian team doesn’t want to go down the road after winning few inconsequential matches.

“We have won enough for now”

“We don’t want to end up like the team that we beat yesterday,” Indian captain Dhoni said, attempting to sly at South Africa’s habit of winning all games and choking in the end.

“When even they seemed to have decided to reverse their strategy and choke in the beginning, we also should learn and do something similar,” Dhoni told Faking News, as he dialed up Ishant’s number to know if he is fit again to play.

Indian captain claims that by winning against both strong teams Pakistan (allegedly strong) and South Africa, Indian team was already confident that it has the means and resources to beat good teams. Now it needs to avoid getting overconfident.

“Even the last time round, we won after peaking at the right time,” Dhoni pointed how the team regrouped after losing to South Africa in 2011 world cup..

Indian team has now already set it is eyes on clearing the first hurdle by losing the next match against UAE.

“If we lose against them, it will give us a feeling of losing against ‘Rejected Pakistan’ team and fill players up with right amount of aggression and anger needed at this stage to charge them up for more important matches ahead,” Dhoni further explained the logic of losing some games.

Indian team also feels that losing few matches now would also restore faith of some cynical Indian cricket fans in the game.

“They still feel that matches are fixed and that’s why we are winning. C’mon even Paki fans trust their team more than that.  After all, we ain’t that bad,” said Dhawan, whose performance has shocked Indian fans the most.