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Indian team to lose test matches inside one day after BCCI restricts stay of wives and girlfriends

21, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

England. Indian team seems to have found a way out of the BCCI ban and time restrictions imposed on players’ girlfriends and wives respectively, which was proposed after the disastrous test series against England.

To make sure that the period of their wives’ stay doesn’t get over before the match does, Indian team has decided to wrap up all the future test matches inside one day.

Having already achieved the feat of wrapping up two test matches inside 3 days in the just concluded test series, Indian team is confident it will be able to lose in one day, provided players realize their full potential and play according to it.

Anything to spend time with loved ones.
Anything to spend time with loved ones.

“It is not something that we will have to work very hard for. We are almost there. Little more effort and we can show the cricketing world a new format of the game, i.e. a T20 test match,” Dhoni told Faking News amidst loud cheers from team members.

“We just need to be little more out of focus and results will follow,” Dhoni told his boys while giving high five to wife Sakshi.

Indian team denies that it is being selfish, and instead argues that by doing so they are sending a strong message to their fans that nothing in this world is more important than one’s family and relationships; not even work.

To achieve this feat, Indian team is planning to have extended sessions with coach Duncan Fletcher, without whose misguidance team agrees that it would never be able to get there.

Dhoni has further directed his fast bowlers to take services of Venkatesh Prasad (who has the talent to convert even Dale Steyn into Ashok Dinda), while the likes of Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina have just been advised to play their natural game by the captain.

Latest reports suggest that BCCI is reconsidering their decision after there were rumors of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma deciding to marry so that Anushka gets promoted from ‘Girlfriend’ to ‘Wife’ category.

It is not clear why BCCI wants to stop this marriage.