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Indians not watching India vs Pakistan T20 live will be declared as Anti-national : Cricket Enthusiast MLA

27, Feb 2016 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: Jumping on the bandwagon of Nationalist-Anti-Nationalist debate in India, a Local MLA has announced that anyone not watching India-Pakistan match in the Asia cup will be declared an Anti-Nationalist and sent to Pakistan.

Watch it live or watch yourself go to Pakistan
Watch it live or watch yourself go to Pakistan

Showing his patriotism for the country, the MLA (Name withheld for security reasons) announced that all the Indians who would be busy with work or domestic chores or any other work, will be tagged as Anti-Nationals and he will file a police complaint for sedition.

India takes on Pakistan in their second match of Asia Cup in Dhaka later tonight.

The super-excited MLA, who holds the world record for participating in maximum number of agitations resulting in cancellation of Pakistani Artists’ events in India, got carried away by the enthusiasm for the high voltage clash between the two neighbors.

Speaking to Faking News, the MLA said, “All the nationalists must come together and support our country. If you aren’t watching India play Pakistan then you are an Anti-Nationalist. Everyone must upload pics of their TV screen on social media as proof that they were indeed watching the match. People who aren’t active on any social media platform must watch it at full volume so that their neighbors can confirm their nationalism.”

“There has been a massive debate in the country over who is a nationalist and who is not after the recent events at JNU in Delhi. This is a simple test to identify nationalists. Hopefully, the country will honour me with Bharat Ratna for coming up with this brilliant idea”, the MLA went on to add.

Meanwhile, every news channel has sent their camera crews to JNU to film the students’ reactions during the match. If anyone claps like Munni in Bajrangi Bhaijaan after an Afridi six, it will ensure 6 more weeks of news programming as per our experts.