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Inspired by BJP and AAP, Dhoni says he too wanted to give opposition a chance

13, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Benoni, South Africa. After losing the ODI series in South Africa 2-0, Indian captain MS Dhoni has claimed it was part of their strategy to lose the ODI series to a lower ranked team in ICC rankings.

Dhoni for once sparing pitch and conditions to put the blame on.
Dhoni for once sparing pitch and conditions to put the blame on.

The captain cool admitted that he was closely following results of Delhi elections while playing the 2nd ODI in Durban. “I was amazed by the modesty both AAP and BJP displayed right after the results when both the parties refused to form a government despite having numbers. That’s when I decided to imbibe some of that humility,” he said in a press conference.

“Like AAP and BJP, our team too boasts of impressive strength on paper. We are probably the best side on paper and have been no 1 in ODI ranking for a while now,” Dhoni further added, “We didn’t want to appear desperate to win, so we decided to give opposition a chance.”

He maintained that his intentions were to give much needed confidence and support to other teams by playing the role of a constructive loser.

Sources tell Faking News that it was also decided by the team management that they would try and lose the games only by natural means and not by any unfair means.

“It was deliberate. Why else do you think I would field Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav yet again,” Dhoni argued with media, “Ishant did use some unfair means in the last match, and we have served show-cause notice to him.”

Dhoni further maintained that BCCI could have very well indulged in horse trading but he sternly asked them not to. “Rajiv Shukla ji was eager to talk to South Africans but we stopped him. However, like Ishant, even he faltered in the last match and negotiated with Lord Indra for rains.”

Dhoni’s teammates too came out in his defense and supported his claim.

“You think I have a problem against short ball!? Ha! You gotta be kidding. It was deliberate man. It was all a well planned strategy to make this sport democratic,” said Raina‘s nephew.