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Inspired by football expert John Abraham, budding footballers start learning bad acting and gymming

13, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Inspired by India’s most popular football icon, John Abraham, many budding Indian footballers have started learning bad acting and spending eight to ten hours daily in gym to do well in the field.

John, who is well known for his soccer skills in the movie “Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal“, has been the most well known football face in the country.

Last ray of hope for Indian football.

“I became fan of John sir after I saw him doing some marvelous goals in the movie; you can call it love at first sight. And now, after seeing him in Sony Six’s show ‘Cafe Rio’, my respect for him has multiplied manifold. His career progress as a footballer is amazing,” said Bittu, a die hard John fan, who happens to be a football fan too.

Nowadays, Bittu is concentrating more and more on getting 32 pack abs and learning a bit of bad acting. “My friends say I am a good actor. So, I think I need to unlearn acting to reach the level of John sir. But, I am ready to do anything to become the best footballer of the country,” an optimistic Bittu added further.

Budding footballers like Bittu are confident that following John’s footsteps will certainly make them a football expert at some news channels, even if they fail to make their way into the national team.

Even Sony Six is buoyed by the response John is getting and they are feeling very lucky to have him on their pre-match show “Cafe Rio“.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, a senior executive of Sony Six revealed that roping in John was not just about TRPs. “We wanted to inspire the young India by bringing them a step closer to one of the most legendary footballer India has ever produced,” he said.

It’s not that John is attracting only budding football players, even those who are watching FIFA World Cup for tweeting and Facebooking are in awe of him.

“Because of him there was something on TV I could connect to, and I could make a lot of jokes on him, which gave me a lot of RTs,” said a happy Vikas, who is missing IPL and finding football boring but watching the World Cup under peer pressure.