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Inspired by Lalu and Nitish, Indian batsmen and bowlers reunite to defeat England

12, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

London. The Lalu-Nitish alliance in Bihar may have been a flop show according to reports, but it has inspired the arch rivals of the Indian cricket team – the batsmen and the bowlers – to reunite in England in order to survive the massive onslaught of the aggressive home team.

This reunion will mark coming together of the Indian batsmen and bowlers after a long gap of 3 years, when they parted ways after India won the 2011 world cup.

“Yes we have decided to bury the hatchet and get over our personal differences like our Bihar counterparts Lalu ji and Nitish Ji. This will strengthen subcontinent forces against foreign forces,” said Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ajinkya Rahane in unison as they embraced each other. They also flashed victory sign, leading to loud cheers from local Indian supporters.

Forgetting the past?
Forgetting the past?

Indian team, fresh from two humiliating test defeats, now hopes that with both batsmen and bowlers joining hands, it will be able to thwart the progress of an Anderson led England team.

As per experts, Indian batsmen and bowlers have had a love-hate relationship, which led to both seldom clicking together in the long history of Indian cricket.

While bowlers have often complained that that they are not credited as much as batsmen for a good show, batsmen point to likes of Ashok Dinda and Ashish Nehra who fail to defend even a 300+ score put up by the batsmen.

However, this internal feud was never seen as a major issue as India somehow kept on winning matches on the basis of contribution from one department alone.

But the back to back blows given by England reminded the Indian team of Narendra Modi.

“Blow to Modi!” Dhoni explained how they got the connection, “And once Modi was in picture, we looked at Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar coming together. And we thought, if they can unite to fight Modi, we should also unite to fight the England team.”

Ishant Sharma & Co, who have just snapped their ties with the opposition (as seen by their performance during lord’s test), too have hailed the move and assured the Indian batsmen of full support.

While the batsmen and bowlers have announced their intentions, it remains to be seen if the Indian fielding unit (like its Congress counterpart in Bihar) will also follow suit.