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Inspired by Sheila Dixit, former cricketers resign from commentary to play again

27, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Sheila Dikshit’s resignation from the post of Governor of Kerala seems to have inspired the recently retired lot of Indian cricketers who had a long and illustrious career. Many of those are now planning to come out of retirement.

Some of these retired cricketers, who later took up commentary like an engineer takes up MBA right after Engineering, now are nursing ambitions of donning Indian colors once again, just as Sheila Dikshit is being expected to lead Congress in upcoming Delhi assembly elections after resignation as governor.

“It is very much obvious. Why else would she resign from a post which is already an alternate resignation?” argued an ex-cricketer when told that Sheila was yet to confirm her return to Delhi Congress.

Last day as commentators?
Last day as commentators?

Currently Indian cricket is in a very pathetic condition, which makes them comparable to Congress’ Delhi unit after Sheila Dikshit’s exit. These former cricketers feel that like the former Delhi CM, they too can revive in fortunes of the Indian cricket team.

Some of them also pointed to the unceremonious exit they had to endure a`la Sheila Dikshit.

“We too had to retire under severe public and media scrutiny following some disastrous overseas tours. We were made scapegoat just like Sheila ji was made for Delhi’s poor performance in assembly elections,” explained former fast bowler Ajit Agarkar, who is all set to come back as the lead fast bowler and solve all of India’s pace bowling woes.

However, just as the news reached Indian team in England, captain MS Dhoni rubbished the report and claimed that current set of players are still very much the boss and would carry on playing till next world cup in Australia.

Dhoni further pointed out that Sheila Dixit’s example can’t be applied in Indian team because India was not Pakistan, where retirement is a joke and a cricketer can retire and come out of it as many number of times he wants.

Meanwhile tainted cricketer Sreesanth, who himself is facing charges of corruption just like Sheila Dixit, is also hoping to make a comeback like the former governor of his state Kerala.

“Sheila ji’s comeback gives me a hope that just like people seem to have overlooked her involvement in Commonwealth scam; fans would have gotten over spot fixing scandal as well,” Sree quipped.