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Inspired by Dhoni, Afridi to make a biopic on himself, film will be 6 hrs long to accommodate all retirements

11, Oct 2016 By dasu

Peshawar: Even though there is a lot of tension about Pakistani actors and Bollywood these days, it hasn’t stopped inspiration for films from flowing across the border. After watching biopic of Dhoni, Pakistani retirement legend Shahid Afridi has also decided to produce a biopic on himself. However, there is a slight problem with the length of the film as it has to be at least 6 hrs long to accommodate all of Afridi’s retirements.

Afridi: The unannounced retirements

“He is a living legend of Pakistani cricket, so it is appropriate that his life story be shown to all Pakistanis. If Dhoni can get a biopic on him, then why not Lala. We already have the script ready and just need to finalise the casting. Afridi will play himself of course”, said Afridi’s close friend Tariq Jamal

“The movie will be an inspiration to all sportspersons. They will learn that retirements are not the end of the road for sportspersons, they can always unretire and then reretire and carry on like that. We are glad to see football legends like Lionel Messi have already started following Lala’s footsteps, just imagine what will happen after people see the movie”, said Tariq.

Tariq added, “Unlike Dhoni’s movie, we will not shy away from controversies. If anyone gets miffed likeJaved Miandad, Afridi Bhai will change his heart and apologise so that the controversy dies down. I have seen over the years that he has an uncanny ability to create and close the controversy in hours. We are also going to reveal Lala’s real date of birth at the end of the film so it will be a suspense sports film, first of its kind.”

As per sources, Afridi is also thinking about sequels to this biopic but will commit only if he manages at least 5 more retirements during the rest of his career.