Instead of 12 months in a year BCCI wants 14 months in 2020, extra 2 months after December in which IPL can be played

16, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

If BCCI has its way, Indians won’t be celebrating the arrival of New Year as the clock strikes 12 on 31st December this year. The cricketing body wants two extra months to be added after December 2020 so that IPL can be played in these two additional months.

ipl 2020

BCCI is desperate to conduct the cash rich tournament and the prospect of not having the event has the body worried.

A senior official of the BCCI said, “We considered many options which also included playing the tournament on Mars. Elon Musk was also conducted for this. But players were not ready for this, so we dropped it.”

“Adding two more months to the calendar seems more feasible. After December we are adding Wastember and Regretember as additional months. In Wastember viewers can waste their time watching the IPL and in Regretember they can regret that they wasted their time watching the IPL. It works so well for all stakeholders,” he added.

Most IPL players welcomed the decision. Rishabh Pant in particular was ecstatic with the news.

The news came as relief for players who were concerned about their future due to lack of cricket owing to the lockdown.

Not just players, bookies too are having a hard time. “The tournament is the only time we get to make money. It will be a huge loss for us if it gets cancelled. Things have gone so bad in the last few weeks that instead of cricket, we are placing bets on PM Modi’s next Sunday task. If this continues we too may need a bailout package,” said a bookie while speaking to our reporter.