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IOA demands reservations of medals in Olympics for developing countries

07, Aug 2016 By RT

New Delhi: After the heart breaking first day at Olympics, the Indian Olympic Association has written a strongly worded letter to the IOC, demanding reservations in medals for developing countries. The letter reads as given below.

Olympic rings
Soon India will have more medals than these rings

“Dear Mr. Chairman, as you are well aware, Olympics happen once in every four years. The medals are received mostly by developed nations; unfortunately, they don’t come to the countries like India. UNESCO recognizes India as the best country to do business with and in several other categories, though only in Facebook and WhatsApp.

It is about time that IOC recognizes the importance of developing countries like India and gives us the fair share of medals from Olympics. We demand reservations in all the three categories of medals – 30 bronzes, 20 silvers and 10 golds.

We are totally willing to cooperate and support IOC with the technical aspects of implementing a reservation system in the medal allocations. We request that IOC immediately responds back positively to start working on this as soon as possible, to have the reservation policies completely foolproof and agitation-proof.

IOA hereby gives the written confirmation that we will handle all the regional conflicts and protests as internal matter and will not allow that to negatively influence the relationship between IOA and IOC, in the years to come. If IOC cares to know, we have devised plans to award a one-off lifetime champion awards to names like Pardik Hatel, to keep our journey on the right track.

We are under tremendous pressure from the general public, who question our ability or the lack of it thereof to win medals at Olympics. Therefore we request you to take a fruitful decision quickly and communicate to the rest of world – much before the host nation elects their full-time president.

Just to put things in perspective, if IOC chooses to ignore our just request, we have strong candidates in former BCCI and ICC heads, who will choose to become IOC president in the next election. Thank you.”