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IPL-7 to be organised inside jails due to security concerns during LS elections

21, Feb 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. After Sushil Shinde conveyed the government’s inability to provide security during the IPL-7 due to General Elections happening at the same time, BCCI officials have proposed plan to organize the cricket bonanza inside Indian jails.

And surprisingly, Government of India has given a nod to the request.

“Besides generating handsome revenue for the government and keeping the tournament venue inside India, it will also save us from providing any kind of extra security,” said Home Minister Shinde justifying GOI’s decision.

Tihar Jail
Venue of final match

Eight jails from all across the country have been selected as venue grounds. Each of them will be acting has home ground for the teams. For example, Tihar Jail will be the home ground for Delhi Daredevils and Maharashtra’s largest jail, Yerwada Central Jail will be the home ground for Mumbai Indians.

Talking to media, IPL chairman Ranjib Biswal cleared many doubts regarding match arrangements inside jails.

“We are using this opportunity to organize one of its kind event in history of sports. Cricketers will arrive at the venue a day before the match and they will stay inside prison cells. Many of the cells are being converted into 5 star suites, and inmates of those cells have been shifted into other overcrowded cells,” said Ranjib, giving a brief of the ongoing preparations.

“Although some VIP prisoners’ cells were already there, but we needed more of them. VIP prisoners have been either sent to five star hospitals or to their homes on parole to make extra room,” he added further.

Sources say, a couple of IPL teams are even planning to make their non-performing players sleep in overcrowded cells as punishment.

“Apart from motivating them to perform, first hand experience of hostile jail environment will also make players afraid of doing anything illegal like spot-fixing,” an IPL team owner told Faking News.

Tihar Jail authorities, who have earlier conducted music training sessions and concerts inside Tihar to reform its inmates, have offered to provide prisoners as replacement of cheerleaders.

Meanwhile, AAP has congratulated BCCI for bringing VIPs of country inside jails.

“So what if they will stay there only for few hours to watch the match, the important thing is they will be inside the jail,” pointed out AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal.